Sexy, Playful and Strong ... Redefining Yourself After Life Falls Apart

One thing is certain ...  Life has happened to all of us. Joys, sorrows, gifts, losses; they all shape who we are, who we have become, and the parts of ourselves that maybe we have left behind, be that good or bad. 

Life is too short. The best parts of who we are can become lost or buried. Sexy, Playful and Strong was created to reclaim some of those parts of ourselves that need re-membering, re-envisioning, re-engaging and re-invention.

Steeped in the wisdom traditions of yoga and martial arts, with a healthy dose of self-reflection and women's empowerment, setting the intention to live as sexy, playful and strong first, brings us into alignment with the most precious parts of ourselves. It clears away what is no longer serving us. It moves us away from self-judgement and limiting beliefs. It gives us permission to be all that we are - even if some of those things are contradictory; especially if some of those things are contradictory. It helps us to move from a place of fragmentation into a place of integration and wholeness.

IT IS TIME for a new chapter, to embrace a new beginning; to feel gorgeous in your own skin, to love your life and live it as a woman who feels Sexy, Playful and Strong all the time! Fall in love with your life!!